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gastric cancer incidence

Colorectal cancer mortality rates constantly increased, more evidently after Methods Gastric cancer incidence data concerning GC and CRC, derived from population gastric cancer incidence mortality statistics, have been available on a national scale for Afteronly data regarding general mortality rates were available.

Even often truncated, a metaanalysis of these data could be relevant regarding the evolution of GC and CRC mortality rates in our geographic area.

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This feature is not unique for Romania. Similar oposite trends were reported in all areas previously known as having high incidence and mortality rates from GC, such as Japan and Central and Eastern Europe.

Worldwide, GC was the second most common cancer until recently, but now it appears in fourth place after cancers of the lung, breast, and colorectum. But GC is gastric cancer incidence the second most common cause of death from cancer Geographical distribution of GC is characterized by wide regional variations. Incidence rates are lowCRC was the third neoplasia in men after lung and stomach cancer and in women after breast and uterine cervix cancer Between andCRC incidence increased from The present study reports the trends in CRC mortality rates over a long period - almost half a century.

Trends of Mortality Rates from Gastric Cancer and Colorectal Cancer in Romania, 1955-2003*

A constant increase in CRC mortality rates was observed. Between and a further increase in CRC mortality rates of Similar patterns of cancer incidence have been recorded in Central and Eastern Europe Both GC and CRC are thought to have a strong environmental influence, gastric cancer incidence in terms of dietary and socio-economic status patterns.

Geo-physical characteristics, including radioactivity and the effects of the industrialisation have not been studied in relation with GC and CRC. Could be there an infectious counterpart in relation to CRC, by a direct or indirect influence? Genetic studies in our population could help to distinguish the participation of the heredity versus the en-vironmental component in the care este cea mai rara grupa de sange of GC and CRC.

Cancer gastric cancer incidence and mortality patterns reflect, to a certain extend, some basic characteristics of the society, such as life-style factors, population awareness, screening programmes, accessibility to health care and efficacy of health care system.

Stanford Doctor on Increased Risk of Gastric Cancer in Asians

High incidence rates of gastric and intestinal cancer were related to poorer and unfavourable dietary patterns, but also on account of inadequate screening and treatment. Consequently, the application of available knowledge on cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment may substantially reduce the disadvantage now registered in cancer mortality in our country, as in other countries facing the same problem 4.

Gastric cancer incidence

Gastric cancer mortality rates decreased Vãlean et al until the s, but stabilized thereafter. Colorectal cancer mortality rates increased constantly, more evidently during the last decade.

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gastric cancer incidence

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gastric cancer incidence

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