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Share this article Share 'It's a significant challenge to find patients for research who have brain damage,' said University of Illinois neuroscience professor Aron Barbey, who led the study.

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The brain injuries studied allowed researchers to pinpoint which parts of the brain were being used. Damaged: The study relied on using brains with localized specific injuries, one of them seen here, to determine which parts of the brain worked for intelligent thought The researchers took CT scans of the participants' brains and gave them a series of tests.

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They then combined the resulting scans to produce a collective map, which they divided into more than 3, three-dimensional pieces called voxels. By analysing multiple patients with damage to a particular voxel or cluster of voxels and comparing their cognitive abilities with those of healthy patients, the researchers were able to identify brain regions essential to specific cognitive functions, and those structures that contribute significantly to intelligence.

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Areas in blue and green appear to be vital to general intelligence, areas in yellow and green indicate brain regions vital to performance on the specific cognitive tasks The team found the key areas of the brain for intelligence were the left prefrontal cortex behind the foreheadsnap brain food reviews temporal cortex behind the ear and left parietal cortex at the top rear of the head and in the areas that connect them.

The researchers also found snap brain food reviews brain regions for planning and self-control overlap to a significant extent with regions vital to general intelligence. They say the study provides new evidence that intelligence relies not on one brain region or even the brain as a whole, Professor Barbey said, but involves specific brain areas working together in a coordinated fashion.

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